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The Need for Change

You can't improve by failing to acknowledge the need for change.

No one wants to talk about change especially when it takes you out of your comfort zone and throws you in the unfamiliar. Changes in life will sometimes require you to self analyze which isn't an easy task. Despite the difficulty, change is good and sometimes very necessary. It takes a big part of yourself to recognize the need for change therefore if you are at this point, pat yourself on the back. Otherwise, dig deep because everyone has room for change.

The change you refuse to make today suppresses the progress needed for tomorrow.

The progress of tomorrow depends on the change that you make today. Let's take a familiar weight loss scenario for an example: You want to lose 10 pounds in the next 2 months, but you fail to modify your eating habits or initiate an exercise routine. All the snacks and television shows are fighting the movement of change therefore tomorrow just becomes the same as before if not worse. The 10 pounds you want to lose are just wants that never come into fruition.

Believe it or not, this same scenario can be applied to life in general. Admitting there's a need for change is just the first step. Doing what is needed to carry out the change is the next sequential step after realization and the 2nd most important. It's impossible to become a better you without changing. What you consider to be "better" today is only a portion of the "best" that you can be.

Don't prance through life naively thinking that changing is something that only needs to happen with those around you. No sir or No ma'am, you are also a great candidate of this thing we call change.

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