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Intelligence Ruler

There are many views on what determines intelligence. It is often a characteristic that gets combined with quantity. Almost like a math problem: If you have X and it is > Y, then your intelligence = Z. Numerous certifications, degrees, and other credentials is not a key indicator to prove that an individual is more intelligent than the next. Intelligence is deeper than quantity. Some with the "quantity" may have been able to obtain but not really understand how to adequately use the knowledge. However, others without the "quantity" may understand how to tap into their knowledge to expand beyond what can be measured.

To go along with this, you also have to think about the different skills and experiences that come into play. Whether realized or not, EVERYONE has something to bring to the table, but it's up to each to tap into it. Intelligence isn't what you were conditioned to learn, it is really your ability to apply and expand it on a deeper level.

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