No matter our unique differences, we are all going through this together. We are dealing with this new normal of #togetheralone. It is changing so many things within our lives ... the way we think, act, engage and more. In a time where covid-19, anxiety, and fear are contagious, we have to do our best to find a way to make a difference. So why not start with #contagiousMotivation.


There are people who are still on the front lines going forth with determination to help others. I think it's only right to give them something that can show appreciation while helping them to tap into their True Strength.


The only thing you have to pay for is shipping + $1. No obligation to donate more than $1 no matter how many you order. For example: If you order 20, it's only going to cost you the shipping +$1 unless you choose otherwise. 


We just need to know how many & we will send them to you OR whoever you choose.