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Suffocating abilities

A few days ago, the following quote was posted on twitter:

"#Suffocation of abilities prevents you from #inhaling opportunities.Suffocation of abilities prevents you from #inhaling opportunities"


Whether it's you or another suffocating your abilities, you will soon find that it will prevent you from gaining opportunities. There are a couple of major things that immediately come to mind for suffocation: Fear & Hateration. Fear from your end because you don't think you're good enough or because the unknown makes you shiver in your boots. Hateration from the end of another because it's true, some people don't mean it but their envy prevents them from supporting you.

I'm pretty sure that there are other contributing factors, but what it is on you to find what is taking the breath from your abilities. What is preventing you from being the best you? If it is yourself, then take accountability and fix it. If it is another, face it and either prevent it or implement distance. Take time to find your "oxygen".

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