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Social Distancing

The term Social Distancing has become a regular in recent conversations. Unfortunately, with COVID-19, there are reasons for the use of this term. Before this current pandemic, not even sure if I remember this term being used. After this all ends, not even sure if it will be a term that I can or will forget.

With Social Distancing, extroverts are probably feeling like they are being suffocated from their regular interactions. Ironically introverts are probably starting to feel a little more isolated than desired. No matter the classification of personality, Social Distancing is something that individuals should adhere to.

Social Distancing shouldn't be viewed in a negative light as something that is selfishly preventing the living of normal life. Social Distancing isn't about preventing an individual, but more so an attempt to save individuals as a whole. With Social Distancing, people often think about what they can and can't do, but should really think about what they are doing by adhering to the guidelines ---- SELFLESSLY saving more than one person. That selfless act in itself can help to save millions.

By the way, within this one post, I used Social Distancing 7 times lol. How many times have you used it?

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