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Mother's Day

I'm pretty sure there were a bunch of memorable Mother's Days, but this is one to go down in history. Literally, history. Experiencing a pandemic and quarantine --- It's like a movie. Usually, Mother's Day is filled with people crowded in restaurants, waiting to be seated while conversing and laughing. This year, it was a bit different. Instead of restaurants, Mother's experienced quarantined time in the house with family.

I think Mother's Day in quarantine was absolutely the best, most intimate time. Sure it would have been great to go out and gather with others, but this year, it was truly focused on the Mothers. I bet the gifts received through the mail meant even more. This is not implying that the gifts from the past were any less important, but you get it. No distractions, just families celebrating their Mothers in person or virtually while at home.

This time really brings out the importance of the "little things". It's not about the money. It's not about the restaurants. It's not about the gifts. It's just about being present in this moment, together, safe, healthy and joyful.

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