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Is it worth it?

Sometimes there comes a point in time where retaliation or response isn't worth it. In cases, where we feel the need to retaliate or respond, we should first determine whether it will make a difference. The determination of difference would be based on you or the other party involved. Will you feel better? Will it initiate a positive change for issues in the future? Will the other party involved feel better? There are various outcomes and scenarios that we could go through, but that should be enough for you to get the point.

In this world, there are some individuals who are super control freaks. Therefore a retaliation or response is hard to avoid. Even if it has no value, their soul just won't allow them to sit by and not do anything. There are others who want to either retaliate or respond just to release the pressure they feel within their soul regardless of how another feels. In reality, whoever is on the other end of retaliation or response may already know what they did wrong. Instead of using your energy, it's sometimes better to let it play out and let the universe gobble up their subconscious. They will get what's coming to them while you save your energy for something more productive that will be sure to make a difference.

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