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Giving up

Truth is giving up is much easier than following through. Giving up means that you don't have to face the obstacles that come with following through. Some of those many obstacles include, but are not limited to embarrassment, patience, change, being uncomfortable etc.

Giving up may be easy, but it definitely isn't worth it. As with the obstacles that come with following through, there are obstacles that come with giving up. Take a minute to think about what they are. How about the biggest of them all: R-E-G-R-E-T. I can bet you that the rest that come to mind have nothing that big one. Regret has a tendency to be related to and encompass many others.

The fact is you don't want to be that person. That person that wishes they didn't give up. That person that constantly thinks about where they could be or have been if they didn't give up. That person that realizes that giving up was a result of a lack of determination. Don't be That person. Sure it's easy, but it's really not worth it.

Take giving up and giving in out of your vocabulary. Fight whatever it is harder than you've ever fought before. Stop giving up and get your perseverance in check.

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