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Create Solutions not Excuses

Within a recent group business discussion, someone made a simple statement that had depth. Of course as an individual that loves words, I grabbed it up and put it in my memory bank. The statement was as follows "I don't make excuses, I make solutions". It was seriously a wow moment for me and the strength and depth of that statement has been on my mind ever since that discussion.

In reality, an excuse requires little to no thinking. It's a simple equation that has a random reason to be combined with why which in turn reduces accountability. On the other hand a solution is going to require some thinking outside of the box, relying on faith, manifesting and possibly being placed in an uncomfortable situation.

Excuses aren't created equal for everyone and the definition may differ based on the situation, but it doesn't change the depth "I don't make excuses, I make solutions". This then poses the question to everyone reading this ---- Are you currently making excuses or solutions? Are you more comfortable with making excuses than solutions?

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