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Chapter 2: Realization of Self

SELF! Self are you there? Self can you hear me? SELF! Self look at me right now at this moment. You better recognize Self, you better recognize. It probably seems weird to give Self a pep talk doesn't it? Imagine being in a public place yelling at Self. Kind of funny to think about it, but sometimes it is very necessary. Self must be kept in check so that you can maintain sanity while dealing with life's situations. It becomes even more important after dealing with years of being conditioned or having maladaptive behavior.

Some understand who they are early on in life while others struggle and may not understand until well into adulthood. No matter the timeframe, it's important that you attempt to grasp a hold of who Self is to you. In no way does the person you are have to look or be like another, it just needs to be a person that truly makes you joyful NOT just happy. Most see joyful and happy being interchangeable, but they aren't. Happy is the result of an "if then" type of statement. Whereas joy is consistent no matter the result of the "if then" statement. Let's break that if then down so you can see what I mean.

The Happy break down of if then:

If a person wins $100, then they are happy

If a person receives a new job, then they are happy

If a person wins a free gift, then they are happy

A person with true internal joy doesn't care whether they get the $100 because they are still satisfied with who they are and what they have. A person with true internal joy would like to have a new job, but even if they don't get it, they continue to believe in themselves and will move on. A person with true joy doesn't care if they win the free gift because they can still see value in what they have. Happy is heavily dependent on external factors and temporary moments.

Finding a way to build a relationship with Self and finding the joy within makes a whole difference in how you interact within life. You truly become unstoppable when you realize who you are and are comfortable with that person. The pep talks to Self are worth it and are far from crazy lol. Get up in the morning and be the first person to smile at Self. Don't be embarrassed to high five Self and congratulate Self for everything that has been accomplished. Stop being happy today and tap into being joyful!

You are truly remarkable and uniquely relevant. Realize this today. Trust me others see this in you, but you also have to see this in Self. With or without the materialistic and external things around you, you will always have Self. Don't lose it to what can be taken away.

Love the PERSON in the mirror.

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