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Can you apologize?

What do you do in the moments where you say or do something incorrectly that adversely affects another? Do you apologize? OR Do you continue on your path of incorrect to save your pride? The better question is: Do you apologize?

The problem with apologizing is the apologizer would have to admit wrong to self and the other individual(s). Sometimes it's hard for a person to admit to themselves let alone someone else. However, it is important to have this ability despite the difficulty. Not only is it monumental in emotional growth, but also in general learning and building character. Without the ability to apologize to another, you risk having the same conflicts, disagreements, and personal struggles.

An Apology shouldn't just be I am sorry or I apologize. Whether you want to believe it or not, an empty apology is nothing but words that have no meaning or real intention. Generally, an empty apology is a result of an attempt to shut another up. A true apology with intention helps to open the door to meaningful conversations that could shed light on faults from both sides. Coincidentally, after conversing, in some cases, the apologizer may also require an apology.

Poor communication is a close relative of situations that requires apology to step in. It is important to say what you mean when you mean it in the most respectful way possible. In the same breath, it is important that individuals are able to digest the communication without becoming easily offended. Sometimes internalizing leaves an individual vulnerable to becoming the apologizer.

Regardless of anything, be emotionally mature enough to apologize because you understand your faults and wrongdoing within a situation. No matter how small, own up to it. Sure, it may be embarrassing, but I bet it will help you to learn a valuable lesson while eliminating a similar occurrence in the future. Have an honest conversation with self.

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